Dr. 聊天机器人现在就能见到你

围绕ChatGPT的嗡嗡声, 人工智能(AI)驱动的聊天机器人, we can't help but wonder the role AI will have in the healthcare system of the future.

While it is an interesting exercise to imagine the role chatbots can have in subbing in as your treating physician, the team here at Baxter believes there are far more powerful – and perhaps realistic – opportunities for AI to make healthcare more efficient and effective. 剧透警告, 这些都不涉及更换护士团队, 医生和技术人员是每一次病人互动的中心. 以下是人工智能在医疗保健领域的最佳机会:

  1. 少花钱多办事: "For me, the ability to do more with less is a key driver for technological advancements. 大流行后的, we know that staff shortages have led to challenging nurse to patient ratios that can compromise patient care and lead to high attrition rates among nurses. AI can assist healthcare professionals in making more accurate and timely decisions by providing real-time data analysis, 标记潜在的风险或问题, 并根据患者数据提出治疗方案. An example could be an electronic health record (EHR) algorithm that identifies patients at risk for falls or pressure injuries. 有了这些信息, 然后护理小组可以启动预防方案,特蕾西·里德说, 百特数据科学和人工智能主管. 
  2. 减轻行政负担: "Fifteen to twenty-five percent of healthcare delivery costs is administrative. AI can be deployed to drastically streamline the administrative processes that sit behind our healthcare system. 为类股, using AI in the pre-authorization process can reduce the manual human processing that happens today. 为医院, 人工智能可以帮助优化病人的日程安排, clinician scheduling and equipment management to help ensure a hospital is running as efficiently as possible,查德·马龙说, M.D.他是百特公司企业连接副总裁. 
  3. AI作为联络人: "We know how impactful AI can be with large volumes of information and the ability to understand, 快速解读并根据信息采取行动. Generative pre-training transformers (GPTs) are designed to communicate with the user, 不仅为临床医生开辟了问答的新途径, 但对病人和他们的家人也是如此. 人工智能将有能力充当病人护理之间的联络人, 临床过程, 信息传播. 我认为聊天机器人的“联络”方面, 加上文本到语音的能力, 是否有潜力成为护理沟通和临床决策支持工具,帕特里克·哈里森说, qt电子游戏的数据科学主管.
  4. 协助早期干预: "Anywhere we can automate information collection and provide robust insights into a patient's condition, we can remove manual steps in the workflow and make clinical intervention timelier. 以病人的生命体征为例. Every hospitalized patient has vital signs collected, either continuously or at set intervals. You can combine AI with large data sets to build a robust model to predict patient deterioration. 如果住院病人正在接受持续监测, care teams can use the model and real-time data to identify patients who may be heading toward serious complications,梅雷迪思·汉娜说, 百特的数字合作与创新总监.
  5. 更有效的筛选 & 推荐: "The opportunity to have more effective referrals and better use of specialists can improve our healthcare system by reducing waste. AI combined with medical devices enable clinicians to screen patients more effectively in lower cost settings, ensuring those with the most critical needs are referred on to specialists sooner. It also increases the speed by which you can assess and provide feedback to the patient,克里斯汀·拉塞尔说他是百特公司企业连接副总裁.
  6. 预测慢性疾病: "AI can be used to identify patients that are developing or at a risk of developing chronic diseases that currently overburden our healthcare system. This early prediction would allow an opportunity for preventative treatment and lifestyle change, which can stave off complications and high cost of adverse event treatments down the road. An example that I have personally seen is using voice characteristics as a method of determining disease risk. 一个简单的电话, 付款人或提供者可以使用人工智能来预测抑郁症, 焦虑, 阿尔茨海默氏症或其他疾病的实时信息, 允许干预发生在当时和那里,”医生说。. 马龙.