qt电子游戏 Launches Digital Image Capture Capability for 展示全景的+ 检眼镜

  • 帮助支持更快的诊断,使眼科疾病的早期治疗

  • 使初级保健检查更加数字化

  • 促进初级保健临床医生之间的合作和教育, 专家, 病人及家属



迪尔菲尔德中学,生病了. -

百特国际有限公司. (NYSE:巴克斯), 病人监护方面的领导者, 体格评估和视力筛查产品, announced the launch of digital image capture capability for eye exams using its existing Welch Allyn 展示全景的+ 检眼镜. 的 iExaminer职业 该系统为常规眼科检查增加了一项关键技术, designed to help advance healthcare professionals’ ability to examine 和 diagnose the eye health of patients.

“医疗环境从来没有像现在这样苛刻, 和 clinicians need their tools to offer improved efficiency 和 accuracy that ultimately allows earlier care for patients,吉姆·奥康奈尔说, 总统, 前线护理, qt电子游戏. “ iExaminer职业 系统采用最新技术, allowing providers to spend more time focusing on the thing that matters most – their patients."

展示全景的+ 检眼镜和 iExaminer职业 系统 adds the ability to connect a smart device to capture images for further examination 和 enables clinicians to move quickly from an optical exam to adding digital image capture. 与the连用时 iExaminer职业 应用程序, clinicians can securely save 和 share eye images for tracking 和 trending 和 initiate more informed consultations with 专家.

"Examining the structure of the eyes is a critical part of assessing patient health,朱莉·雅库博斯基说, M.D., F.A.C.P.qt电子游戏前线护理医疗事务主管. “ 展示全景的+ 检眼镜和 iExaminer职业 系统 helps to enable healthcare providers to catch issues early on in a primary care setting, 轻松与专家合作, 方便患者得到诊断, 及时给予他们所需的护理和治疗."

iExaminer职业 系统已经在qt电子游戏公司使用 Welch Allyn 若加上 耳镜,2021年起. 的 addition of digital image capture capability for eye exams represents the company's continued commitment to using connected devices to help improve patient outcomes via routine physical exams. 

展示全景的+若加上 tools offer clinicians bigger views compared to st和ard ophthalmoscopes 和 otoscopes, 加上额外的关键功能,如持久的LED灯和 DuraShock 耐久性技术.

这项新服务现已在美国上市.S. 和 will be showcased at the upcoming American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference & 展览(10月. 20-24) 和 American Academy of Family Physicians Family Medicine Experience conference (Oct. 26-29). 找到更多的信息和全方位的 这里的产品功能.


每一天, 数百万患者, caregivers 和 healthcare providers rely on qt电子游戏's leading portfolio of diagnostic, 急救护理, 肾脏保健, 营养, 在病人家中使用的医院和外科产品, 医院, 医生办公室和其他护理场所. 超过90年了, we've been operating at the critical intersection where innovations that save 和 sustain lives meet the healthcare providers who make it happen. 与产品, 100多个国家提供数字健康解决方案和疗法, qt电子游戏's employees worldwide are now building upon the company’s rich heritage of medical breakthroughs to advance the next generation of transformative healthcare innovations. 欲了解更多信息,请访问 www.qt电子游戏.com 跟着qt电子官网平台走 推特, LinkedIn 脸谱网.


This release includes forward-looking statements concerning potential benefits associated with the Welch Allyn 展示全景的+ 检眼镜和 iExaminer职业 系统. 这些陈述是基于对许多重要因素的假设, 包括以下内容, which could cause actual results to differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements: dem和 for 和 market acceptance for new 和 existing products; product development risks; inability to create additional production capacity in a timely manner or the occurrence of other 制造或供应 difficulties (including as a result of natural disasters, 公共卫生危机和流行病/大流行, regulatory actions or otherwise); satisfaction of regulatory 和 other requirements; actions of regulatory bodies 和 other governmental authorities; product quality, 制造或供应, or patient safety issues; changes in law 和 regulations; 和 other risks identified in qt电子游戏's most recent filing on Form 10-K 和 Form 10-Q 和 other SEC filings, 所有这些都可以在百特的网站上找到. 百特不承诺更新其前瞻性陈述.

qt电子游戏, DuraShock, iExaminer职业, 若加上, 展示全景的+和Welch Allyn是百特国际公司的商标. 或者其子公司.